PowerTool 4.2 (2011.12.24 , english support)

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PowerTool is a free anti-virus&rootkit utility.It offers you the ability to detect,
analyze and fix various kernel structure modifications and gives you a wide scope of the kernel. With its help,you can easily spot and remove malwares hidden from normal software.

PowerTool currently supports the following Windows 32-bit versions:
for Windows PE/Safe Mode/Windows XP/Windows 2003 Server/Vista/Windows 2008 Server/Windows7 SP1 (32bit)

Update Log

2011-12-24 PowerTool V4.2(twitter : http://twitter.com/ithurricane && google+ : ithurricane@gmail.com)

  1. Detect VBR Bootkit(such as Rootkit.Win32.Cidox)
  2. Detecting/Memory Forging Attempt by a Rootkit(such as TDL4 variants)


  1. Enhance Detect IDT Hook
  2. Analyze Disk/Register File without load Driver
  3. Fix some Offline Analyze BUG.

That’s a sweet tool, I really like the MBR and Hook scanning components.

That’s a very powerful tool indeed.

Hi Guys

Thanks savit for the links

Few questions though:

  • what kind of encoder do we need in order to read any of <>.txt files within unarchived folder?
  • what kind of driver add/or service this Tool is trying to install?
    I was notified by EAM about that, so currently the App was blocked
    Where we can obtain some info about that?