Installled the other day just to try it out and ended up not needing it so I uninstalled it and when I did it took ALL the other program files on the hard drive with it. The icons where still there in the start menu and in CCCleaner but the programs where not. Luckilly enough these were not vital programs and the only one with any accessability is imageshack. So I went into my email’s as usual and lo and behold, imageshack had sent me an email letting me know whether I had tried to reset my password. Haven’t used imageshack in about 6 months so this is reallly perculiar. The file is on CNET and the link is http://download.cnet.com/PowerStrip/9241-2193_4-11011929.html?messageID=10425650&tag=uo;uo#commentList

I checked for known .dlls of powerstrip malicious but found nothing and have run all scans in safemode etc… and found nothing…

I am 100% certain that there are no remnants of it on my system but can anyone verify whether this file is legit or not. Thanks =)

It looks potentially dangerous to me:

VirusTotal Verdict
CIMA Verdict
Valkyrie Verdict
Anubis Verdict
ThreatExpert Verdict

For what it’s worth, I’ve used Powerstrip for a long time and never had any issues. There again, I’ve never downloaded anything from CNET…