powerpoint, excel and defrag please help its very urgent

i had cleaned the registry with crc released version. that time i didn’t checked for anything coz when i restarted the machine an installer popped up (it was regarding hp) and automatically configured and disappered. after cleaning the registry whatever i accessed it worked. its today i found that the defragmentation in c drive right click in tools is missing (defragmentation not installed). in start menu its there and working. powerpoint and excel are there in start menu and working. but when i download a powerpoint or an excel file and save it the icon is different. i mean when i click to open the downloaded file that window apears windows cannot open the file search the web or choose from the list. when i choose from the list the appropriate powerpoint or excel the file opens. i know i messed something with crc. how can i get back the defragmentation, power point and excel functions. till now i faced these three problems. i am afraid there may be more. during junk cleaning and installing the latest version of csc i deleted the restore points and backups. my bro is yelling on me. he has saved lots of powerpoint and excel files on the harddrive. he gets fed up when the window appears and he has to choose from the list to open the files. he shouts on me for messing the machine. please help. its very urgent…


Hi ,
Sorry for the inconvenient . For the defragmentation tool i have attached a .rar file . You didn’t mention about your OS ,so please try one of the reg files . The problem you have with the powerpoint and excel files is caused by a invalid file association , but it’s hard to make an association without any log file after a clean . We will keep in touch . Thanks

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i installed the defrag from c-windows-inf-dfrg- by right clicking dfrg and clicking install. ok my os is win xp sp3.
thanxx 4 the reply. what about office prob (excel, powerpoint and word)


Have you tried ticking the “Always open with this program” on opening of an Office file ?
That should remember the program to open with for that extension.

i dont get this option when the file is opened

Left click on the file, right mouse click, look for “Open with”, Choose program, Select the proper office program to open it with, and select “Always use the selected program to open this kind of file”. Press [OK]

Now you should be able to “double click” the file and it should open with the correct Office application.

sorry my fault. the problem is not due to crc but wordperfect 12. when i unstall wp the problem occurs and when i install it the problem is solved. whats the connection between office and wordperfect. how can i safely unstall wordperfect.

os - win xp sp3 with latest udates
ms office 2000 sr-1 professional preinstalled (dont have a cd)
wordperfect 12 preinstalled (have a cd but dont have the serial no. which it asks while installing)

in my previous post i had said that i had deleted the restore points but i was wrong (sorry) the restore points were there. so i restored the computer. now everythings ok wordperfect is there and not opening but the office problem is not there. if i try to repair wordperfect through repair in control panel it doesn’t asks for the serial no. (which it asks while fresh install and which i dont have) and completes the configuration. but still wordperfect doesn’t open and the office problem occurs. so i restored the computer again and same thing wordperfect is not opening but office problem is not there. how can i safely unstall wordperfect without the office problem.

thanks for your support, help and precious time.


That would be because they both are “fighting” about file extensions, MS Word and Wordperfect are both trying to register as default application for let’s say .doc files, the last one installed will win :wink:

What vendor pre-installed your software but didn’t give you the disks? I’d contact them and tell them you want your disks. It’s bad business to pay for a license and not be able to reinstall if needed.

Have you tried changing your file associations to point to Office as Ronny suggested?

i dont know much about these things. u said about the applications trying to register as default, but my question to you guys (as i said i dont know much about these things and i know you guys and the other guys and mods in comodo forum are expert) is whats the solution for this?? any solution to safely unstall wordperfect frds. you guys are online and i m too online so waiting for your reply frds.

If you register all files to MS Office with the

Left click on the file, right mouse click, look for “Open with”, Choose program, Select the proper office program to open it with, and select “Always use the selected program to open this kind of file”. Press [OK]

You could leave Wordperfect alone and not use it, it should not interfere as long as you don’t run the installer/uninstaller, if you really want to uninstall it we need to take a further look why it won’t do that.

heyy buddy thanxx for the reply. actually i m frm india and my bro is in us and he had sent me this laptop in 2006. and i have the cd but not the serial no. this is an oem cd. mine is a dell laptop. i searched the site regarding this and i found that i will have to contact the dealer regarding the serial no. so there are 2 options. i should ask my brother to contact the dealer regarding the serial no. or i should mail the dealer. i dont know what the result will be?? and yes the warranty period has expired. i asked you guys regarding the problem coz i know if you guys can help me out you will and i will not have to contact the dealer who i dont know will reply to my queries or not as the warranty period has expired and if he will reply dont know how much time he will take. so i thought to ask u expert guys as my problem is urgent.

thanxx buddy. as u asked me to do. everything is in that way and as u said i can leave wordperfect alone but i dont use it and i want to remove it. so if theres any solution for this then it will be good for me otherwise i will have to leave wordperfect alone.


Is everything ok now?

ya everything is ok. but the same question how can i safely remove wordperfect without affecting office. and yes wordperfect is there and not working but csc latest version registry cleaner is showing a lot of wordperfect entries. i m afraid to clean the registry coz i think if i will delete those wordperfect registries again the same problem will occur and i will have to restore the computer again. within these 3-4 days i have done atleast 5-6 restoration and yesterday i got an fatal error prob about which i have posted in the general security question thread. please see that too and reply coz 2day also the computer turned blank and i have to restart it but 2day i didn’t got any fatal error prob on restart as i got yesterday. is this fatal error prob due to all the 5-6 restoration i did within these 3-4 days?? please see the general security thread and reply.

Word Perfect can’t be affecting Office.

The only thing it could be doing is changing file associations as has already been posted. You can uninstall Word Perfect and if the file associations need to be changed, just change them back to be associated with Office again.

before unstalling wordperfect the default to open with is office and it wotks as i said. but after unstalling wordperfect the default to open with is still office but the files does not open. thats the prob. could it be possible that crc must have deleted office extensions and the files are working with wordperfect extensions. so after wordperfect is unstalled the problem occurs. dont know much about these things so just asking.

i m afraid to try again unstalling wordperfect and see what happens. coz if the problem occurs i will again have to restore the machine and as i said continue 5-6 restoration gave me the fatal error prob (this i think)

sorry guys. earlier i was doing it wrong. now its done. thanxx frds.