PowerDVD 8 doesn't play DVD's from HDD

Hi there,

after updating to CIS 3.8.65951.477 I cannot more play DVD’s from the HDD wit PowerDVD 8.0.2521.50.

Uninstalling and new installation of PowerDVD doesn’t solve the problem.

OS: Vista Home Premium 32 Bit, Service Pack 1 and all Windows updates.

Any Idea?


Hello, Wowars. Welcome to the Forum.
I had to recreate my rules for PowerDVD8. Have you tried placing Defense+ in Training mode?
Right click the tray icon, go to Defense+, select Training mode.
Run the Player. When you close the player, reselect the Defense+ mode you were using.
I hope this helps you.

I have PowerDVD 9 and after I updated Comodo to 3.8.65, PowerDvd will not play anything. It will open but if I try to play a video I get the PowerDVD has stopped working Vista error every time. Operating system is Vista SP1. Powerdvd worked fine before I updated Comodo. If I uninstall Comodo, Power DVD will play fine. I tried setting Comodo to training mode lilke suggested above but it made no difference. I also set PowerDVD to trusted and disabled Comodo Firewall and Defense but no good, it still crashes.

Any suggestions?

I see what you mean. I just ran the update for the Ultra, I can access the drive and folders, but not the files themselves. Mine does not crash, though.
On a side note I usually use Media Player Classic HomeCinema to view movie files and PowerDVD to view my DVD’s.

I tried D+ in the Training mode as John suggested and also in Disabled and Clean PC Mode, same situation.
Only after deactivating D+ PowerDVD 8 Ultra works normal.
With CIS Version 3.5.57173.439 everything is normal (D+ activated, Clean PC-Mode).

Any suggestions?

After Reading This Topic, I Wanted To Check Whether Power DVD. So I Installed Powerd DVD9 On A Vista x64 PC On Which Iam Using 3.9.95478.509. While Doing It My System Was In Proactive Secutiy With The Following D+ Settings

D+ Settings : Paranoid Mode
Image Execution Control Settings : Normal

After Instalation Since I Don’t Had A DVD, I Tried To Play A Video File From HDD And Iam Able To Do It Without Any Issues. I’ve Attached The Screenshot Of The Rules Added To D+ Computer Secutity Policy, Right From The Installation And My Desktop.

So I Don’t Think That Its An Issue Because Of CIS

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Hi napsterz, I run Vista x32 SP1 + all updates on a Laptop, now with Comodo Firewall 3.9.95478.509, D+ Settings : Clean PC Mode, Image Execution Control Settings : Normal and PowerDVD 8 Ultra.
Nothing changed, only after deactivating D+ PowerDVD 8 Ultra works normal.
I tried before with an older Comodo Firewall release and PowerDVD was working well.

Here is something to try.

Go to Defense+ > Advanced > Image Execution Settings > Exclusions and add the program to the list.