PowerDVD 12 Ultra vs. Comodo Firewall

Hi there,

First of all, I’d like to thank Comodo for making such a useful tool like CIS and give it out for free. I used a combination of Zonealarm and Avira Antivir since the late 90’s, and added Spybot and Threafire 5 or 6 years ago. But when Zonealarm lost features I needed, I started searching for an alternative a few months ago and now I’m running CIS on all of my PCs.

OK, back to topic. I used PowerDVD 10 Ultra with Comodo CIS on my HTPC (i3-2125, DH61CR, 4GB DDR-3, Xonar DG, RocketRAID 2720, BR/ DVD combo drive; Windows 7 Ultimate SP1, CIS + Dragon) without any issues and now upgraded to PowerDVD 12 Ultra. This PC is connected to my Router and CIS is running with firewall set to block all traffic (i.e. an offline PC). This is the desired state, I just want to load Windows updates from time to time without having to constantly plug and unplug the network cable.

With this firewall setting PowerDVD 12 Ultra will start, but it comes up with an internal error message saying that an error occured on the digital media server and that I should restart PowerDVD. As far as I can say that (I haven’t excessively tested PowerDVD 12 by now), it then runs fine without restarting. Intended use of PowerDVD is to playback local media like DVDs, BRs, other video-files, music, etc., nothing else.

Once I set the firewall to safe mode, PowerDVD starts up without the error message, regardless of whether it has internet access or not (by setting to safe mode without being connected to the router).

Hence, there seems to be some kind of process or network task that the firewall is killing although PowerDVD 12 Ultra needs it (and it obviously doesn’t need internet access). Is there a way to get CIS configured to let PowerDVD 12 run without killing its processes (but it should still be blocking all traffic as this is a user requirement)? Alternatively, if anyone already knows how to turn that digital media server out to eliminate PowerDVD’s urge to post that error message that would be fine, too.

I searched the forums, but didn’t really find anything helpful for my PowerDVD 12 issue. Of course, there may be threads ongoing dealing with related issues, but I’m a new user of CIS and therefore somewhat inexperienced with that application and don’t really know if there’s a common issue behind this specific problem or if it’s just that.

Thank you in advance for your support.

Try setting the firewall to Custom Policy Mode and see what PDVD wants to do upon first start; you will have to allow each step PDVD makes. That may help to narrow down what it wants.