power options bug.

in windows XP (home) my ‘power options propertys’ keeps resetting ‘turn off monitor’ to the default 20 minutes. even when using custom saved preferences, and it permanetly alters the settings to 20 minutes no matter where its default setting was. this is totally unacepptable behavior as my dvd playback software doesnt ‘busy’ the system to prevent the screensaver/power managment from kicking in it was also resetting screensaver timeout to 1 minutes (except when no screen saver was set)

i was finally forced to uninstall comodo av because it wouldn’t allow my changes from the defualts.

i was using windows home oem sp2 + i downloaded windows updates prior to installing comodo av.

I have never heard of this bug before, I have reported it to the Comodo staff.

i am not sure that it was the anti virus anymore, it may have been my media player, since uninstalling didnot resolve the issue. fwiw i was running VLC (video lan client) a free open source application, but because the bug didnt go away i switched back to an older media player i had a cd from a optical drive i bought at retail. i should have tested more to see which application was causing the horrible bug, but i assumed it wasnt the media player because the media players ‘disable screensaver’ option was unchecked… (not by default i sifted through 40 pages of configuration options to find the setting myself)

still i cant recall if the problem was persistant only when the media player was open (as it was after i removed the av) or if the combination of a buggy video and av software caused the bug to be persistant as long as the av was running… i thought i had closed out everything and the configuration kept resetting, but i cant remember back clearly enough to be sure.