Power/Network/Sound tray icon in Vista x64 missing

After installing CFP, I have noticed that the power, sound, and network tray icon in the bottom right hand corner of Vista go missing after startup. Even if I try to get them back, the option is grayed out.

However, this happens during some startups. At times one or two of the icons will be present, at others they will be gone. Even more so, this also seems to affect other programs’ tray icons as well. Sometimes the Kaspersky AV, Webcam center, Office OneNote, Safely remove hardware, and other icons will be gone.

This only started happening after CFP was installed. To test this, I uninstalled CFP and used windows firewall for a week, and no problems arise. Then I reinstalled CFP and immediately, the icons go missing.

I am running CFP and KAV on Vista x64. CFP is running on the default protection levels with firewall and D+. UAC is enabled and the account is administrator level.