Power Failures

Comodo seems to have a real issue with power failures. I love this firewall, but where i live we have a lot of storms and power cuts and Comodo slows the computers to an agonizing crawl after suffering from a power cut. Programs will not open or take ages if they do ever open. One 1 of the comps reinstalling didnt even help, and 1 of the others a reinstall appears to have fixed the problem. On the 3rd comp i chose to install zonealarm, because i don’t want to have to keep reinstalling comodo. Any ideas why this happens?

OS - Windows XP Pro
CPU - 3.00GHZ
RAM - 2.0GB

The problem is your power supply, not your firewall or any other software running on your systems.

Off the top of my head, I would guess that any slowdown is caused by whatever state your systems were left in by a power outage.

I have seen systems left in a completely unusable state after an outage. Only a reinstallaton of the OS and the apps was able to get it up and running again. I’ve also seen older systems left physically defected after complete outages.

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I agree with panic; it’s likely your PC hard drive was left in a broken state following the unsafe shutdown(s). That CIS might be having trouble wading-thru a hosed file system might be the least of your worries (you need to do a full diskcheck after a bad shutdown).

Get yourself a UPS for that computer, and make sure it will do a safe shutdown on your PC for when you have an extended power failure that exceeds the UPS’s capacity.

This is not a Comodo problem.

I agree that this problem is effecting your system as a whole. Panic is right to point at hardware reacting to power outages.When using an older computer consider buying and A brand power supply. A better power supply may be the difference between damaged or non damaged hardware after power irregularities.

With laserfan I advice to buy a UPS to allow to help bridge a short power outage or be in the opportunity to properly shut down your computer.

After a power outage that abruptly shut down Windows it is wise to let Windows check it’s file system integrity with the chkdsk command. If WIndows got really damaged by one or more abrupt close downs you can also check system file integrity.

Worst case scenario is that your motherboard or other hardware may get damaged.

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I’ve long considered a UPS to be a crucial computer peripheral. I tell everybody I know that if they’re using a computer, protect it with a UPS. It will pay for itself the first time your computer is on when the power goes out.

It’s not just blackouts that are dangerous to electronics, but brownouts (an under power situation) are also damaging. Most modern UPS’s have line level compensation which will take an over or under powered line level and either raise or lower the output to ensure your computer is seeing a steady line level.

Yes you want to make sure to get a UPS with this feature. I don’t know what every mfr calls this, I think of it as AVR (Automatic Voltage Regulation). Look for it or something akin to it when buying for a PC (or for any electronic gear i.e. Audio/Video too).


Thanks for the replies and all the advice, but i’m sorry i can’t buy into the theory that 3 machines in the household have bad power supplies. A girl i talk with and advised her to use comodo also had a power cut recently and has the same problem. After uninstalling comodo all machines are as fast as they ever were. Don’t get me wrong i do appreciate the replies :slight_smile: I’m just going to have to change firewalls i guess or try and get a hold of the previous version of comodo b4 this last update and see if that works out.

Cheers, reef :wink:

Did you try the two checks I suggested in the above to make sure your OS and file system are functioning properly?

No-one on this topic has even vaguely suggested that your 3 PCs have bad power supplies.

All responses have been based on information supplied by yourself

I love this firewall, but where i live we have a lot of storms and power cuts ...

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