Power DVD no longer working after installing CIS 8.2

It is great to have an upgrade. However, I believe it cause the Cyberlink PowerDVD 14 and 15 stop playing Blu-ray. I had to uninstall CIS to make it work again :cry: Any thoughts?

Did you try adding the PDVD executable(s) or installation folder to the Exclusions of “Detect shellcode injections (i.e. Buffer overflow protection)”?

Thank you for your quick response.

I tried to add PowerDVD executable(s) and the whole PowerDVD folder to the Antivirus Exclusions. I can’t find anything similar to your instruction about “Detect shellcode injections”.

I even tried to disable Antivirus, Firewall, Sandbox. But PowerDVD still does not play Blu-ray functionality (play normal format such as mkv is fine). See the screenshot below:


Finally I uninstalled CIS (without restart windows) then I can play Blu-ray.

CIS version:
Windows 7 (latest updated)

You placed the executables in the wrong place.

Do this and I guarantee PowerDVD will work:
Go to Advanced Settings/Security Settings/Defense+/HIPS/HIPS Settings. Under “Detect shellcode injections” click on Exclusions and click on the little upwards ^ sign at the bottom. Click on Add and find the PowerDVD.exe and PowerDVDMovie.exe files.

It works now. Thank you!

Actually I tried all other settings but HIPS Settings because the “Enable HIPS” is uncheck by default. I thought it does not affect to the system. I was confused.

Besides, I would suggest PowerDVD to be excluded by default. I believe most of the users won’t be able to find this workaround.

Great to hear.
Many people are having problems with various DVD players.
I don’t understand how an executable that can be designated as “Trusted” is then allowed to fail in this manner, but I’m sure Comodo have their reasons…

It’s a technical issue not one an issue of whether a program is Trusted. Those are two different arenea. Sometimes program react adversely to security measures set by security programs.

Trusted is about whether the vendor and the program are to be trusted. Trusted means that the program is not a malware of any kind and that the vendor has a reputable track record of not providing malicious files.