Potential problem of using Comodo--Correct me if I am wrong[at]!!

Hi Guys! I am new here and heard about Comodo for a long time. I can understand that comodo use auto-sandboxed tech to protect any unknown threat which try to run in the computer for the first time. I have a question here:

For example, now I download a small but attracting gaming software from a bad website which unfortunately contains an unknown spyware. This unknown spyware’s main function is to download some other spyware/password stealers to my computer and also link me to a phishing site which is for paying this game. After I activate this unknown spyware,it will run in a sandboxed environment with partially limited status. As far as I know Comodo will still let both of the gaming software and the unknow spyware run in the sandbox,so both of them will be activated. Then I will be directed to this default phishing site if I like this game and try to pay for it. My bank password will be stolen!! All of this procedures will be in sandbox without any infections of my real computer–the system is still clean. But the question is My bank password may still be stolen via this phishing site even after Comodo put them in the sandbox. Please correct me if I am wrong. Thanks. (Supposing both of the spyware and phishing site is unknown to Comodo)

The program won’t be able to redirect the traffic because the hosts file is protected (if that’s what you meant). There’s also a protection against keylogger in Defense+ (take a look at the settings).
And you’ll get some alerts (firewall and defense+) if something funny happens in the sandbox.

ho dont mean any keylog…
what is he thinking is that the auto sanbox does virtualize things which is incorrect

and about the question, yes, the sanbox do not protect you fron any internet trafic (transaction)

You will get alerted when an unknown programs wants to go on the web.