Potential Clash?

I am considering if I should use the Web Security Guard application which is an optional install in Spyware Terminator. I already use Spyware Terminator and have experienced no problems.

However, I need to know if it’s Web Security Guard will clash with Comodo Firewall or BOClean.

Here is some info on Web Security Guard:




ST is get to be bloated junk. You dont need 2 HIPS programs. SuperAntiSpyware runs great with Comodo.

I use ST; but with it’s HIPS program switched off as CFW’s HIPS is superior.

ST is the only antispyware program that I know of which has live protection and is free.

I would only use SuperAntispyware as backup protection because it does not offer live protection in its free version.

You can get real time protection by paying $19.99 for LIFE. Not just a year. Its well worth it and only uses 350K.

I think a new hot item is going to be the latest Avast! upgrade with realtime antispyware/antivirus and antirootkit. Version 4.8 now in beta is already very stable. Considering they upgrade signatures about twice a day, should be very effective. Free, of course. :slight_smile: That along with CFP3 should take care of all of my security needs. Currently use Super in the free on-demand mode, but never find anything after CFP3 and Avast!.

Thanks for the above replies; but in the meantime does anyone know if Web Security Guard (in ST) will clash with CFW or BOClean?