Potential Bug CCE/CIS 8 - Not Sure - Someone Please Provide Info

When I run a Full Scan by launching CCE under Advanced Tasks by selecting Clean Endpoint:

CCE detects malware, AV alerts to Quarantine or Ignore. I select Quarantine, but CCE does not indicate any Threats Found at lower left corner of CCE console (but the detection is indicated on the main CIS console at Detected Threats in Antivirus panel).

In addition, within CCE console, selecting Tools drop-down menu and then Quarantined Items - CCE indicates “There are no items to show” in Quarantined Items.

Finally, after required system restart at end of scan CCE returns “No Threats Found” (but malware was detected and quarantined).

Does anyone know…is this by design or is it a bug that should be reported?

Please provide feedback as I do not want to needlessly submit a Bug Report if CCE is functioning as intended within CIS 8.



PS - The detection of malware, then the alert (ask) to Quarantine or Ignore, and then Quarantine are recorded in logged AV events.