Potential BOclean 4.24 RC problem.

After installing the 4.24 RC, I have started to get a problem with Cobian Backup On shutdown my computer throws up an error message with CBservice (Cobian Backups service) in the window title with something along the lines of this in the message (can not get the full message as I cant write quick enough before my computer shuts down lol):

“Unknown software exception 0x0eedfade occured at location 0x1c812a5b”

I wondered if BOclean could be causing this problem, it is the only thing that has changed on my system recently.



Have you tried uninstalling CBO to see if the error goes away?

Thanks for your reply, I will uninstall BOclean, however as this problem only occurs on system shutdown (not restart), I shall continue to monitor this issue and see if it appears without BOclean, as I dont want to have to keep switching my computer off and on to test lol.

Thanks again,