Posting to Forums (Not this one) Post submits but does not register

Website: (Football Messageboard)


Post Message or Reply Using Comodo Dragon: Fields filled in and accepted but no posts ever show

Works With: MS Explorer (will not use, just for prooving), Firefox, Native Chrome, Opera All on same PC

Tried: All settings that I can, cleared all cookies, uninstalled and reinstalled

O/S: Windows XP SP3 (all current updates)

Comodo Dragon: V15.0

Plugins/Themes: Theme Brown with Clouds

Google Chrome Installed: YES 15.0.874.120 m

Extensions: Incredible StartPage 1.4.3, Spell Checker for Chrome0.9.1.6, The Independent1.7.1, FlashBlock0.9.31, Facebook AdBlock1.5, DivX Plus Web Player HTML5

Apps: Google Docs, Google Reader, Creately Online Diagramming

Hope this is complete as a report - I can get more information if you can request what you need.

Hmmm - may have this cracked.

I had the " Do not allow websites to know where you came from (suppress HTTP Referrer header)" ticked in the settings - and having installed again and gone through each setting until it broke, this looks like the culprit!

Not sure therefore if it is the browser setting or the site that is at fault, but probably the site to be honest!


Blocking the referrer header can indeed cause issues with some sites, depending on how they’re configured.

If you want to block the headers, you can use an extension like NOREF. Instead of a blanket block like the Dragon setting, you can whitelist sites that require the headers to function.