Post update problem

After upgrading to I suddenly get “XX is not accessible. You might not have permission to use this network…the list of servers for this workgroup is not available” when I click View Workgroup Computers. If I click an existing network folder on the connected XP X64 computer it connects just fine. This is a WinXP MCE2005 system. The XP X64 system was updated and had the same trouble, and I updated the MCE2005 to see if it was indeed the upgrade. The XP X64 system does not have network folders history, and printing and internet work, but I cannot browse to this other computer, nor save files to it.

So what did the “configuration change” change to cause this?


After some playing… The update caused the default block all rule to be moved ahead of my local network rule. A simple rule reorder, to put it back like it should have stayed across the update, fixed it.