Post on behalf of a friend

Hi there!

I am making this post on behalf of a friend of mine who is running the latest edition of Comodo Firewall.
She has 14 files awaiting her approval, and she does not know what they relate to, or where they came from. Also she mentioned the fact that Comodo was telling her about not being connected to the internet when clearly she was. She mentioned error messages and I have requested she send me some screnshows of them if they pop up again.

Could someone tell me what these 14 files could be and how she knows to trust them or not? Probably I am being over cautious here but you never can tell. :-X

Kind thanks IA for anyone who can guide us a little here.
Emms and Peggy :wink:

What are the Error Messages and What Are File names?

Hi Kestrel,

I suppose you mean the files “waiting for your review”. Simply put, these files must be new or have changed since CFP was installed. First of all click on “purge” and if any of them have been deleted they’ll be purged from the list. As for the remaining ones, you could try and guess where they belong considering what you’ve recently installed, etc. Sometimes some programs modify files with sensitive extensions all the time, and get them to CFP’s list; most times when this is the case you needn’t bother about reviewing them, leaving them unreviewed needn’t cause problems. Depending on your exposure, there may of course be malware there, but don’t panic because it’s not necessarily so. CFP will warn you every time a file not considered safe (and files in that list are not considered safe) attempts something, even just running.

If you want more information about this feature read the help file.

God I feel ignorant, I totally forgot I even posted about this and funnily enough I posted a similar question myself tonight prior to seeing this!

Thanks for your answers, and im sorry about the belated reply :slight_smile:

If her computer is clean then the files are clean. Pending files can be overwhelming. Move the D+ slider to “train with safe mode” . That will eliminate pending files. 99% of my pending file I knew what they are cause I know just about ever program on my pc.