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I've been using comodo as long as I have been using avast. Reading from various threads about comodo becoming malware makers, I want to change my firewall before becoming infected by comodo's evil work. Since comodo change its firewall to CIS, its has become a memory hog and memory consumption increases as the version goes higher.

Some people are so misinformed… :frowning:

Malware makers? I know there’s this whole business about Comodo giving DV certificates to malware websites, but, as Melih has explained, this is somewhat unavoidable. Forgive/correct me if I’m wrong.


I agree with all of the above. DV certs are an awful thing. And unfortunately the poor guy you quote is misinformed. …

Ignorance has always plagued human race.

There is a good saying… its not a shame not to know, its a shame not to learn…

So I don’t fault this guy for not knowing, but say shame on him for not finding out the truth…


Some people seem to just be going on a personal hate vendetta (seriously, mention Comodo over at Wilders and it is guaranteed to turn into a flame war).

And the worst part is, it’s spread through the use of misinformation, and exaggeration of that misinformation. And the people who spread hate don’t even like being told they’re wrong, it’s just too hard for them to comprehend it seems.

Sarcasm begins here
Comodo not being malware-making scumbags?! Blasphemy!
Sarcasm ends here

Melih seems to be the biggest salesman of them all. I also agree that there should be something about Ask in the EULA, so that less people choose to install this garbage toolbar haha.
Except that here we have Comodo again, selling security certificates to the very same bad guys from last month's episode. Really speaks volumes about the quality of their verification processes when all it took to find out the owner of the domains was a simple Google search... or their willingness to consort with malware writers for some easy cash.

And Comodo even offers a “Secure DNS” service. Who knows what they’re doing with that one, I wouldn’t be surprised to see a report that Comodo is redirecting 404 requests to ad/malware domains. Stay tuned.

Comodo has been important for other companies improve their products, but now we already know what were the real intent of Comodo...

What is incredible is that here still exist users that still believe on this great lie…
Just think a bit!

We have better products out there, also for free…

Inconvenience is the way you treat your users and others that wants to know the truth!

I will try to reply for you my very difficult answers:
Comodo have the toolbar opt-in by default because they know that majority of users will not care, or don’t understand, about that, so this is the best way to get money very easy, and since IE is the most used browser…

This is why Comodo did a very bad step, because the users want to install a security program, and then they will also install junk without knowing…
Is this expected from a security program? Of course not.

Comodo created a free program with the slogan “Creating Trust Online” and other thing from its CEO, getting the trust of a lot of users, and now take the advantage of that to show its real intentions…

Why you guys can’t go right to the point!?


There should be something about Ask in the EULA, so that less people choose to install this garbage toolbar haha.
This is why Comodo did a very bad step, because the users want to install a security program, and then they will also install junk without knowing... Is this expected from a security program? Of course not.
With these things I agree.

Whats the point of this thread?

I was simply pointing out a misinformed post on another forum.

I can’t say (and can’t believe) that all of security provider written malware.
But It’s still my suggestion.

People are entitled to their own opinions, But there is a difference between posting your opinion and/or appropriate criticism and posting misleading information without facts or proper research to back that information up. For Example: “Comodo Selling Certificates to malware” or “Comodo still has Ask Toolbar” - Which off course is NOT true and here at the Comodo forums, The TRUE facts are right here and Melih has explained those issues many times.

It’s only a small minority of people who post those misleading information.


Yes, it is the usual Comodo bashers at Wilders. They come out of the woodwork at every opportunity to have a swipe at Comodo and are too boring to keep reading.

For that reason that is a forum I find no pleasure in taking part in. What is the point in a forum mainly populated with people trying to promote their products by badmouthing the stronger competition.

A waste of time I think.

Indeed that’s how FUD could finally affect readers and have them post such blatantly misinformed “opinions”.

Whereas some people often argue as if opinions or conjectures are all alike, the misinformation therein carried provide a crucial difference regardless if more or less explicit and whenever the poster might be unaware or not.

Misinformation often spread more easily leveraging on lack of related education whereas in regard of computers it cannot be neglected that lack of education/awareness has likely become a common assumption almost encouraging it as a permanent condition…

Indeed it is too bad there is no application that automatically carry the task of filtering misinformation for its users as that alone would still supposedly be something each individual has take care for himself. :frowning:

Guys don’t worried about it and look at me I’m still using the latest Comodo Firewall along with the D+ for almost 3 years and I am still using the latest Avast Home Edition 4.8 and I still love Avast that my choice to choose, after a while I’ve been read the forum between Donna ■■■■ and Melih trying to resolved the problem doesn’t mean I’m going to give up on Comodo Firewall along with the D+ :wink: :a0.

Melih you better resolved this problem fast from Donna’s SecurityFlash blog site because I can see a number of people are giving up on Comodo story about Comodo STILL supporting the criminal fraternity (the bad guys) and Comodo Sells Out To HopSurf, Loses Sight Of Priorities. see here Comodo Sells Out To HopSurf, Loses Sight Of Priorities

I’m not flaming against Comodo because this problem is spreading very quickly all over the internet in different website and blog site and there are to many, I can tell you this the whole story against Comodo is going to far and the information and stories from all over the web is getting out of hand.

Please do something quickly because I can see people are giving up on comodo and I don’t have a problem with the software, and I’ve made my own choice not to install HopSurf toolbar because I don’t need a toolbar.

I’m still using Comodo Melih :wink: :wink: ;D ;D just end this Donna’s Security ■■■■ because the whole story is going to far, and I fully understand you’ve have done your very best to end this problem Melih I’m sorry and I hate to say this the problem still doesn’t end all over the internet it driving me up a bloody brick wall >:(.

I just don’t want to get myself in the wrong idea misleading information before I do might end up giving up on Comodo :frowning: :frowning: :o


Thank you for your PM SpeedyPC

Here is my latest post on Donna

She has just proven herself to be a fool (or a liar :slight_smile: ).

Bottom line is Comodo is hurting a lot of companies by giving a top notch security for free! So far we wiped off over $200 Million worth of income from other companies! That ought to hurt someone and for that amount of money people will try to bad mouth us… But like Donna, at the end they will all look very very stupid!

Let Donna’s example be a lesson to all.


Mods, please lock this thread now, I think this discussion has ended. Thanks, Beanie :slight_smile:

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