post leting users know what ideas comodo is thinking about adding to dragon

i think by doing this, it will make users feel more like they’re being heard when they express their ideas and like it’s actually worth the effort to post an idea. if that happens then more people will be likely to post ideas. more ideas means more innovations. of course the cons is more ideas to sift through and more repeat ideas. but in the long run i think you’ll get more good ideas that you guys want to add to dragon a lot faster that maybe your team didn’t think of

and equally other browser manufacturers would also be able to see what Comodo have planned for Dragon.

Ewen :slight_smile:

if its a feature others already have such as rss support then it wouldn’t matter. if they don’t have have it and they want it added then they’ll see it when comodo puts out the new feature so whats it matter if they steal it in advance. opera barely gets any recognition for innovation. i would imagine dragon will get even less since even less no about dragon