Post here if you want Comodo Dragon to support theme changing again

I want theme changing restored asap. Who else feels the same?


It’s nice to be able to change



Get ON It (:HUG)

I’d like it restored also.

I’m sure it will return as melih as already mad it known 3 times that I’ve seen that he wants it back too. I wouldn’t be surprised if it were back in the next release but that’s my guess and that’s all it is, is a guess


 The simpler something is the less that can go wrong. Prefer safety over paint.    I found glitches in my tryies of CD before. I like the selling point that flash is diabled by default. Back in the day that was a constant risk.    I have a stabler experience overall with Chrome. Set to not run flash unless I click on it. No data allowed to be set and settings enabled on a site per site basis.


I thought that there was something missing on here.



  • Themes pls ;D

Ditto. Me-too. +1. :-TU

I would think extensions would be more of a security risk then themes.
Especially themes from the Chrome Webstore site… :-\

(sarcasm) Remove extensions instead! Ever better, block all communication between Comodo and the Internet, it’s not safe there you know. (/sarcasm)

Comodo’s latest release has been released and has restored the capability to change themes! Woo Hoo! ;D

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