Post firewall issues

Strictly cosmetic, but uninstalling comodo was almost immediate. It clashed with so many programs. Anyway, after install, somethings are still not right. There are two programs, LClock - and PS Tray Factory - Both of them behave strangely, LClock dissappears when an installation of another program occurs and it also sometimes never loads; PS Tray Factory sometimes shows the icons it’s meant to be hiding. These problems only arose upon running comodo, any idea how to reverse such issues, I had no idea that a firewall would cause this sort of thing.


Hi Ryry, welcome to the forums.

Sorry, I thought you had removed CIS. Anyway, I have LClock running without any problems on XP with CIS & I don’t remember CFP/CIS impacting a system in such a way before. That’s why I didn’t post initially. Also, without CIS being present on your system there’s not much I can suggest. With CIS, you could have set the troubled applications to be trusted to avoid any conflicts & check the Logs for any reports. What other security applications do you have installed?