post a link for all the security enhancements in dragon on comodo site

on the overview for comodo dragon on comodo’s site in the last sentence of the 4th paragraph it says

“Including a greater level of privacy than Chromium technology offers.”

how about after that sentence, posting a link to a page that shows what the better privacy and security enhancements are in detail for all the geeks out there like me and many others. chances are a good number of dragon users are geeks. any average users who use dragon probably are using it because a geek in their family suggested it. i highly doubt that an average user stumbles upon any comodo product except maybe cis

also on the features page it list some features and again says that comodo dragon has superior privacy and security enhancements how about posting a link to show all the features for the geeks. geeks like to know what they’re using. as much as i trust comodo i will not trust you just because you say vague things like “superior privacy and security enhancements” in fact the reason i trust comodo as much as i do is because comodo explains why their products are better than the competition in most cases. whether it be on this forum or on comodo’s site or comodo’s video channel. but i think it’s essential to let users have access to the info they want on your products as fast as possible.

you could also list upcoming features so that if a user didn’t like the current features and otherwise may never return to see what’s new, maybe they would see something in the upcoming features that may bring them back to give dragon a try