Possibly infected

So i recently noticed some slow down with my browser. I am using firefox with no script, but connection to a website keeps being reset everytime i try and get on. I ran Avira, SAS and a squared and didnt really find anything, and the hijackthis log is really small. Avira did find a few things, but supposedly it got rid of them, though im still not sure. I have cleaned the cache and cookies, any other suggestions?

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the only thing I didn’t know is this entry :
O4 - HKLM…\Run: [] C:\Program Files\BT Helper\BT_Helper.exe -nosplash

so I searched it and it seems like a nasty.

For the rest it should be fine.


Kyle: Removed link.

eXP, I think your right that it is a nasty. Deep search found this ^ Looks like a trojan.

EDIT: Removed link to possible malware.

i see, well i believe its gone now, since it isnt showing up in the logs now. any other reasons for the random slowdowns and connection issues to facebook? it seems to be only with firefox, IE is fine with it.

Seems like it’s a firefox problem then - Have you installed any new addons lately?

If you wan’t peace of mind, You could scan your PC with A-Squared Free and Super AntiSpyware.

He already did :wink:

I ran Avira, SAS and a squared and didnt really find anything,
hmm, last guess : try running Malwarebytes antimalware. You never know if it comes up with something.

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sorry for the long delay. Things have been pretty fine on that computer after the scans, it seems it was a firefox issue, and possibly a cable issue since its been going down a lot recently. But now my mother has given me her computer and says its slown down a lot. should i post the hijackthis log in this thread, or make a new one?’

its a toshiba laptop, with vista 64.

Firefox can slow down your computer because of memory leaking. Not a FF user, but it I saw it happening when being on line with a friend who uses FF by default and who commented on it.

oh i see, thats no fun lol

well i just got the bsod on my mothers vista. i have no idea why. i was just getting on hotmail when it crashed. I think i hit the windows key, but it didnt properly appear so i clicked back in the browser and a second later is crashed. again i dont know why. help?

If you can (only if you can)

You can register for our livepcsupport service for free for 30 days and let the guys take a look at these machines and clean them etc. you have 30 days to cancel the service and as long as you cancel it within 30 days you won’t be charged…of course if you like pls keep it. Its great service to give friends and family so that they don’t bother you everything something happens to their pc…one click and they get a geek to remotely fix anything they have problem with…