Possible/where to search virus defs?

Comodo IS, like Trend, NAV and many other products, flags files in the distro of cygwin, of other AV, security, remote control, MS update and other distributions.

Online multi-engine checks such as http://www.virustotal.com/ tend to indicate that these files do not represent threats.

Is there an online database of virus tags where one can further evaluate if these are “false positives” or not?

COMODO don’t have online virus definitions library yet. Maybe in the future, remember that CAVS final version was released past week.

To report false positives you can go to this section and if you want to send some malware samples to Comodo you can use CAMAS.

Thanks. I have a lot of stuff that passes the virustotal check and the COMODO test you link to, but gets flagged by CIS; is it useful to post this stuff?

To help COMODO… Yes. :slight_smile: