Possible virus. File Sharing Folder Issue

:frowning: ??? Hi, I keep getting an annoying folder on my desktop every 10 minutes after deleting it. I cannot get rid of the folder. I have tried a lot of things already such as manually deleting it in the cmd shell, going in safe mode and changing the ownership, then deleting it, and finally using the famous EMCO MoveOnBoot program. It keeps coming back. The file has a little icon bottom left with two heads on it saying it is file shared. i got this problem when my anti-virus alarm went off after accidentally downloading an infected file from eMule downloading site. How do i turn off File sharing in Windows Vista x32??

Please someone help me.


Try What to do if youโ€™re infected - eXPerience Rev.3, let us know if that solved it and provide us the requested A-Squared and Hijack This logs. Moved your topic here because your problem is most likely malware related.