possible v5.0 problem

I recently (past couple of days) updated to V5.0 using the update button. Now, I keep losing my internet connection via wireless. It comes back after a few minutes and then loses it again after a few minutes. This problem only started occurring after the update. I can’t think of any other changes to my system. The modem and router are still functioning properly.

The report suggests that a FW may be causing the problem or the pc is out-of-range. I know it is not out of range, the pc iand router are in the same location and only 15 ft. apart.

Has anyone else reported this problem? I have never had this problem before.

I may have solved the problem. I changed the wifi channel on the router. So far so good…

If anyone has had this prob. since updating, please let me know. The next possible solution will be downgrade to previous version of Comodo.

Btw, I only have the FW and Defense+, NO AV. I use MSE for AV. Thanks.