Possible trojan warnings???? [Resolved]

practically every time I use a program the next time I open the browser I get a warning that the program as tried to alter explorer exe and send messages and this is possible trojan activity. I have accepted several offers to send a file to comodo but have had no response.

Is this yet another facet of the Application behaviour analysis and its learning curve?

I then have to click allow before the browser can open.

I am sure that I do not have a trojan, I am well protected and have done several scans with online trojan hunters.

How can I stop this annoying behaviour.



When an application attempts access to the internet the method it uses, may be similar to a malware attack. In this case you should check you know what the application is and what it does, as well as if you were expecting it to connect to the internet - in which case you can safely allow.

When you submit a file to Comodo is sent to their antivirus team who will check the file to see if it is safe or malware and, if safe, it is added to the safelist database (so you won’t receive an alert about this in future), and if found to be malware it will be blocked.


Thanks Mike6688

I will tick allow and remember for alerts concerning programs I know or have just run and send others to comodo as suggested.

I am new to this but getting to understand.


You’re welcome. I’ll lock this thread and mark it resolved.