Possible to update from version 6 to 7


Just want to know if it will be possible to update to the new version 7 from the current version 6 using the normal update button. Or do I need to download the new version 7 for installation.


My understanding is that there will be an internal update available for upgrading from V6 to V7. However, they are still working on that, and have released the V7 download to the forum while they work on the update. Thus, the internal update should be available soon, but if you would rather not wait you can uninstall V6 and install V7.


If I uninstall v6 and install v7 can I import a saved v6 configuration into v7?

Edit: It’s ok, I’ve just uninstalled v6, installed v7 and imported my old v6 config. It all seems to be working fine. :slight_smile: