Possible to reset firewall to all its default settings??

I feel it may be an odd request but I wanted to know if it was possible. It’s because I enabled, unenabled, added new rules and a whole boat load of junk to try to get utorrent working right with this program. So, now that I’ve figured out how ( thank goodnes for your faq on it) I’d like everything to go back to default so that I know I might not be leaving something open that was originally closed.

There is a ‘reset’ but it doesn’t apply to Network or Application rules; only Advanced settings. This can be found in Security/Advanced/Miscellaneous (if I recall correctly).

For default Network rules, you may find it most helpful to check this thread:

This won’t auto-reset, but it will at least tell you what the default rules should be. Then you can compare to your current list, and remove any that are not: default, utorrent-related.

Hope that helps. If you have any questions about it, please let us know.


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