Possible to increase amount of posts on one page in profile?

Is it possible to increase the amount of posts that you can see on one page in your profile so that when you open a thread you don’t have to skip to the next page so often?
I’m on a few other forums that allows you to do so and I have my preferences set to 40 posts on a page. It makes it easier for me to keep track of where I’m at on a particular thread because the last post I read is on one or two pages instead of tucked among many…

No. That’s something to be decided and controlled by Comodo (the administrators). Trust me, if there was that option in the profile I wouldn’t done it and posted it in the Forum Tips & Tricks for Your Convenience thread (:WIN)

Thanks Soya. :■■■■

I have read your tips_tricks_for_your_convenience thread and found it very informative. I especially liked the part that mentioned changing the skins on the forums! I had seen it when I first registered and then promptly forgot about it. I read the thread once before and thought about trying it and then got busy and forgot it again. I finally did read the thread again this morning and changed my skin to the new style, which I like much, much, better!!!
Much grateful for the info so thanks again!