Possible to get CIS to ask if a program should be contained?

Let me rephrase this so it’s better understood…

Auto-containment is enabled. I’ve noticed that for SOME programs, CIS will bring up a prompt, asking me whether an installer, or some program should be contained, or whether it should be allowed to run.

Is there a way to get a prompt like this to display for any/all unknown programs? Doing so would save a few steps for those of us who run trusted programs that Comodo may not recognize.

First example is what happens now: I run a program that CIS doesn’t recognize, and it applies containment without asking, so I have to completely exit the program, then open CIS, and add the program as a trusted file, save the setting, then open the program again.

This example is what I’d like to have if possible: Run an unrecognized program, CIS places the app in a kind of holding pattern for the duration of the prompt. If no answer, file gets contained automatically. A yes to the prompt allows the app to run virtualized. A no to the prompt allows the program to run as normal, with options to mark the file’s rating.

I think if something like this were implemented more easily, it should be noted that this would be for more advanced users, or those who often run files that CIS doesn’t recognize, but that are known by the user to be safe. I don’t really see any options to be prompted for unknown files, but I’ve noticed that some installers cause CIS to generate a prompt about running with unlimited permissions.

I love the auto-containment feature, and the security it brings with it, but I think adding this kind of choice for more advanced users would add efficiency, by removing multiple steps in the process of marking a auto-contained file as trusted.

P.S. If this is in the wrong place, please move it. Thanks.