Possible to delete entries in 'Antivirus Events' window?

As the title states is it possible to permanently delete entries from this window? CIS found a couple of viruses a few days ago, i removed them yet the Antivirus Window still lists them.
Cheers :slight_smile:

logs are erased automatically. wasnt it default when all logs reach 2mb?

you can set this in the settings under “more” (tab in the main window).

its not “that” problem if it stays a bit listed, isnt it? :slight_smile:

you should check, if there are still virus or “problems made by them” on your pc, which comodo didnt find!

I think the OP means that the references to the now-removed viruses are still in the events window - not that the viruses are still there.

That’s right. The viruses have been removed, i only want to remove the references to these which are still displayed in the “antivirus events” windows. You can access this window by clicking on “0 threats detected so far” in SUMMARY>VIRUS DEFENCE

yes, i answered to his question. (if the log reaches 2mb, it will be erased). since the new version, theres no “manually erase” button anymore. dont know why.

and i added, that he should look if there are virus (or backdoors, or leftovers) on his drive that comodo didnt find! because maybe its not clean, you know?

it doesn’t help now (assuming the OP is using v4) but being able to clear logs is reintroduced in the v5 beta