Possible to change date format in CIS?


I live in UK and recently upgraded to CIS v5 from v4, however i’ve noticed that the virus update date format has changed from dd-mm-yyyy (uk format) to mm-dd-yyyy (USA format). Any idea how to change it back to UK format? Couldn’t find it under preferences.

Cheers :slight_smile:

I think this should be an option in the More/Preferences. Add it to the wish list.

Look here, it might help.

I’m afraid that only changes the date to yyyy-mm-dd and time to 24 hr (which i’m not too bothered about). I really want date in the format dd-mm-yyyy. How do i request this feature to be included in the ‘wish list’?

Any progress on this? I would prefer YYYY-MM-DD format.

Hi Psycopomp1

Just in case you are still looking