Possible Spyware??? [Resolved]

Hello everyone,

I recieved message from my anti-spyware as follows:

Items to remove: Trust Toolbar v3
Catagory: Error Hijacker
Type: key
Object Location: hkey_current_user\software\comodo
Recomendation: Remove

Is this part of Comodo firewall (ie normal) or is it spyware???

I don’t want to delete it if it’s a valid entry in the registry and my anti-spyware is just flipping out over it.

Thank in advance for any help.


The short answer is… no it not spyware & it does not come bundled with the firewall.

Read more at https://forums.comodo.com/index.php/topic,113.0.html

You never installed the IE toolbar off the Comodo page?

Thanks, I was not aware of the toolbar but have downloaded and installed it.

Hi and welcome to the forums,

I was wondering, what anti-spyware program are you using?

Yours truly,

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