Possible Security Issue With Comodo Firewall and Avast Web Shield

I say possible because I assume savey Comodo users using Avast Web Shield have already modified their comodo firewall browser rule accordingly. I though I was firewall savey but this one got by me. Primarily because this was the first time I used a localhost proxy to connect to the web.

I discovered the problem when logging on miixed mode SSL web pages such as AOL’s web mail. Connects would take forever, like 20 secs. plus, and then the yellow “lock” symbol was missing indicating the highest SSL security level was not functioning.

What the heck?

Then the light came on. I was using Comodo’s default web browser firewall rule. Now I had tightened up the default localhost rule to connect only to port 12080. I knew that the default http rule used the http predefined ports set whcih allowed ports 80 and 443. Port 80? I guess that is OK … Wrong! IE8 was leaking big time over port 80 totally unprotected by Avast web shield.

I also believe there is a problem with the default IE rule Comodo generates which allows all outbound TCP. That rule has to be modified if used to block port 80 outbound.


you are saying that if Avast 6 Webshield is activated (default) then Avast redirect any (All!) internet traffic (that Avast believes comes from a browser process) through its own proxy (did not know that Avast uses proxy technique) listening on localhost 12080.

If so, can you tell us about the proper rule more explicitly?

Do we need to change two rules?
a) allow localhost 12080 and nothing else (ecept TOR e.g.)
b) tighten up default brwoser rule to allow out only 12080 localhost?

c) deactivate Avast Webshield since Comodo Firewall (not the AV bundle) checks already any web traffic?

I am asking since I run yesterday a very old tool called: Copernic Agent
It does a meta search one the net (well did, if it still is usefull I doubt).

However Avast popped up since Copernic verified its hits and went to a website that Avast declared as harmful!
Comodo never did anything like this before?!

So, what is a good/perfect setup for Avast (6) & Comodo (5)-

thanks alot!

Have you read through Comodo Firewall and Avast 7?