Possible remaining problem with security certificates [resolved]

Tried to send a reply to an email from a company, Toucan, who was replying to an email (encrypted I think) from me. I could read the email from Toucan, which was encrypted using MY certificate(???!), but when I tried to send the reply Outlook objected that it did not have the Toucan certificate. It offered the choice of sending unencrypted, which is fine, I guess, but the behavoir is puzzling.

I’m not sure why Toucan would have relpied to my email with an email that attached my certificate, or why I was then prompted to encrypt with Toucans certificate!

This is since installing CAS 2.6 - have not noticed this behavoir previously, but it could just be chance. On reboot during installtion of CAS 2.6, machine did lock up (& required red switch after waiting 10 mins or so, with nothing on screen) so maybe that is why. Any recommendations?

(I note that not all of my CSE certificated accounts have S-MIme settings in Outlook - maybe not related as the one in use when this behaviour occured does have S-MIme settings)

Any thoughts?

OK now I get part of it, silly me!

Toucan just did what they were supposed to with the certificate, and installed it, sending me back an email encrypted with my certificate. I guess Outlook presumes one is trying to set up a secure channel when one receives emails encrypted with ones own certificate, and so if you reply prompts for the senders certificate.

Sorry just learning about secure email!

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Best wishes


wow, you solved your own problem without any help? ;D
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