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  1. Is Comodo personal firewall stable, Does it make changes that can’t be undone with an uninstall.
  2. Does Comodo Personal firewall have a “Known Compatibility” list, so that a user can tell if comodo is compatibible with certain antivirus software, and if their are issues thier is a work-around availible.

Cheers, rotty

Firstly… Welcome to the forums and welcome to Comodo!

Comodo Firewall is stable. A lot of users have had no problems. Your best bet is waiting for the Stable release in a week or two (can’t remember the date). The reason it’s come out in Beta first is so that us Beta users can identify any problems we’ve come across. It used to have a problem with AVG but that’s now fixed and I’ve never had any problems. I know it works fine with Avast and NOD32. Why not try the Beta while the latest release is still in Beta and if you come across any software conflicts/problems there’s loads of people here that will do what they can to resolve/help the issue. The customer support is also great! Personally, I’ve not had any trouble with it on my machine!

CPF is a great product and their own free Antivirus will have Vers 2 Stable Release in the middle of next month which we’re all also eagerly awaiting.

CPF installing doesn’t make any changes that can’t be undone and besides, you can use your “System Restore” in your help and create a restore/undo point before you install the program.

Hope this helps!


Hi Rotty and welcome to the forums,

Answer to yuor first question, Comodo Personal Firewall (CPF) does not make changes that can’t be undone with an uninstall. Though there are several issues with the installer/uninstaller previously, I think they are going to be fixed/ are already fixed. Yes, CPF is stable. I have been using it for 3 weeks already and have Norton System Works 2004 on my desktop. Not a single issue at all. as for others, there are some problems here and there, but usually it is not major.

As for your second question, there are some compatibility issues. AVG has a problem with CPF if I am not mistaken. I think NOD32 AV also have some problems. Other than that, there is nothing major. A golden rule is not to have 2 firewalls running.

Hope this helps to clarify things.

Yours truly,

  1. i would like to see that when Comodo antivirus is stable, that it be in a “Security Suite” that could include Antivirus, Firewall, and antispyware capabilities.

  2. I would also be very interested, if the antivirus was to be compared on www.av-comparatives.org.

  3. How long has the comodo antivirus database been researched for. IE. How “Strong” is the database, how long have comodo been collecting virus samples

  4. THis is an issue for every third-party security company, how are you guys going to handle the changing privligous (IE. ANti- Kernal patching) with the product, how can you still have it working???

What Heuristics are their?

I like integration because their are less conflicts. Two Programs that deep in the OS itself is asking for trouble in my opinion.

PS. I know that this MAY be the wrong area for a general question, i am trying to get a feel for how mature / Good the product is, and more importantly how stable.

I used to use Kaspersky, but i am always into trying new products, expecially since yours is free. Kaspersky (Version 6) is having “Teething” problems, which personally, does not instill confidence in the product, and their is stuff about permanent file system changes that makes me uneasy. Otherwise it really is GREAT. and has very good detections, if it works LOL.


They do have it sort of as a Security Suite under the Comodo Launchpad but not sure if they are integrated together as such. If you look at the Comodo Antivirspyware Forum you might be able to find out more there. Wait for CAVS version 2. Will be much better than version 1

Heck Rotty, you are presenting a list of tough questions. I am not sure whether I am able to answer them or not but try I will. First of all, let me state that I don’t work for Comodo, just an ordinary user here. Therefore, my views might be wrong (though I think they are right ;D)

CAVS is rolling out pretty fast. The stable version will be out in somewhere in late September. Comodo does have a security suite, the CLP is the binding factor.

Good suggestion, I hope the Comodo team could do something about it.

Truth to be told, Comodo have not been in this arena very long. However, they are pumping their virus database pretty quickly. Anyway, CAVS’s strength does not lie solely on this database. CAVS will innovate a new way to combat virus which is radical to home users. CAVS will have HIPS in them.

As for the rest of the questions, I don’t have sufficient knowledge to help you. But don’t worry, someone else will reply you soon enough.

Yours truly,

Thanks, and forgot 2 more questions.

what packers are unpacted in their file format for scanning for the antivirus. I don’t like waiting until a program is in memory for it to be detected. (-:. I know that 100% is impossible as their are heaps of custom and free packers.

Also, is their any Rootkit protection in the firewall and antivirus?

I have not forgotten that this is all for free, i have not heard of any problems with your product, and quite a few pc magazines recommend your product.

I’m also an experianced user, gaining qualifications in IT ATM. So assuming i get used to the configurations, i will be of use in helping people. Although i will most likely be incredably busy for the next 3 years because of further study… >:(. All though by then, the antivirus would have “Matured” (:KWL)

cheers, rotty

About the rootkit protection, I don’t think CAVS is capable of handling it. Unless, of course if HIPS is able to prevent it. As for your first question, I don’t have an answer. Just hang in here. Someone will answer them. :wink:

Yours truly,

Hi and welcome,

Actually Comodo have been in the antivirus field for quite a long time. They used to have Trustix antivirus which used the Kaspersky engine, but now they have decided to build their own product completeley from scratch to focus on prevention rather than just detection.

CAVS has heuristics (capable of detecting around 92% of new viruses).

CAVS 2.0 will be released as a stable on the 18th September with a beta two weeks before this.

Hope this helps,

Thanks for the info, personally i like an even balence of heuristics and database signatures.

I liked kaspersky, even though it was database dependant, it still was very good.

I personally think, i will wait until vista comes out, it is a good time to start using a new antivirus once vista comes out because all windows viruses will not work anymore (I think that is correct), because of the memory allocation randomization and the kernal patching stuff, along with being a restricted user.

If i had a test machine, i would install XP and throw all the viruses i can get my hands on at comodo LOL. That would be great. And post the stats here (-: . And submit the ones that won’t detected.

cheers, rotty.