Possible malware called SopAdver.exe

My parents computer seem to have been infected by some kind of malware. My mother said that she recently updated Firefox and after that she was unable to use it. Whenever trying to open Firefox a very small windows opens in the upper left which you can only close on the ‘X’ button.
Looking through the application list in the Comodo Firewall I found a couple of programs called ‘SopAdver.exe’ and ‘SopCast.exe’. I did a search on it on the internet but found very little info. It seems to be a program for watching free TV via P2P. My parents confirm they used a program to watch a hockey match on the computer.
So I’m wondering if anybody here knows what it is and how to manually remove, cause neither Antivir or BoClean finds this malware. I found a little utility on the internet that is supposed to clean this, but that smelled like rogue ware to me.
I hope I won’t have to format the hard drive and reinstall the whole system just because of this, so I’m asking for help.
The firewall version in use is Comodo Firewall 2.4.
Of course my sister keeps installing these little games full of malware that BoClean seems to take care of most of the time, but maybe it missed one this time.

You can system restore, or have comodo kill those files when they try to start.

I have set the firewall to block access for these programs, but the fact remains that Firefox is useless right now. Probably it’s enough to just reinstall Firefox, which I’m going to do when I have time. Still it’s best to be able to get reid of malware completely, especially if you’re not sure wht the maleware might be doing in the computer.
Note that the firewall is version 2.4. I’m aware that version 3 has more features, but I don’t want to install that on my parents computer at this time, because of some serious issues I’ve read about for that firewall, which I’m waiting eagerly to see fixed.

By the way, my experience with system restore is that it’s doing nada. :stuck_out_tongue:

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