possible itunes glitch?

I just installed the latest version of itunes. During the install CPF popped up, it had to be for itunes but I couldn’t see what file was trying to call out, and then suddenly like 2 seconds the pop up CPF alert just disappeared and itunes seems to have installed properly. Any ideas?

Is the anything relating to this event in CPFs log?

Yeah, medium alert access denied UDP incoming.

I think you’ll need to post the exact log message here for us to tell if it was an issue or not. But, I don’t think that a Denied inbound UDP would be the cause of the pop-up. Maybe something just before or just after?

CPFs log can be exported to an HTML/TXT file… from there you should be able to do a cut ‘n’ paste to get log entry on the forums (you may want to “edit out” your own IP address if it visible in any of the log messages).

While I am not familiar with Itunes too much, doesn’t it have streaming capability for online viewing , tv etc…? If so, the UDP deny may have been caused by this. Don’t quote me on that. It may also be : Port 3689 TCP and Port 5353 UDP for Itunes sharing was blocked, which many firewalls will block by default using UDP protection\monitoring. If you find you can’t share, you will have to manually open these ports.