Possible infection?

Wierd things has happen. Windows updates failed to complete, ran ccleaner which I do on a regular monthly basis. the next day I turn computer on It logs me into a temporary user saying stuff will be deleted when logged off. I restored system to 4 days earlier before windows updates failed. Now it is functioning properly. Any advice will be appreciated.

Very limited info to go on… Could be anything from system error to malware yes. But I think it’s down to some system error/conflict.

More info is ccleaner registry cleaner could be to blame or the fact that a family member forced shut down the computer when it was stuck on same update for a few hours.

In this case you have your A. You said it. :slight_smile:

Not exactly complete info. Just gave us how you wanted your original post interpreted. It would be great if for example you could give us details how it told you it would “delete stuff” (if, for example, did it look anything like the notifications made by ccleaner, or was it an error message) and how you got logged in a “temporary user” account. Anyway, rather unusual for Windows to log you in a temporary account. As for deleting stuff, yes, that is possible if updates failed to install, as far as i can recall, it would rollback changes made.

Unless you have logs particularly on what was launched upon boot-up, that would be helpful. An early assessment if it was malware, not likely, considering most malware are smart enough not to allow themselves be stopped by a meager system restore procedure (well, that is of course, if it was a serious infection).

Problem is fixed. I was just jumping to conclusions.