Possible FP

First at all -sorry if Im wrong here with the question 88)
But its happened often downloading programs from Giveaway of the day.
Today have one more story and would like some wise answer :a0 thanks .
Can some one check it please ,why the message and waths the problem .
The message was that this is a heur. suspicious detection.
Newer have problems with Giveaway of the day -but today Im not sure about to mowe the aplication -as you can see on the sckeanshots - to trusted :-\

[attachment deleted by admin]

:-\ nobody at home ? nobody visit the page obviuosly , have scaned the file with malwarbite - emisooft, norman and Kaspersky TDS its look as everyting ist OK.
Anyway thanks for cooperation.
Have to work with the program dasway will be mowed to trusted in Comodo.

Hello costerin,

Please submit the file as False Positive using the following link:

Thank you!

Best regards,

:-TU Thanks Forin G

You guys are mutch more experienced with the way Comodo works,dasway please have look at giveaway of the day. This is a well know way to purchase some nice softs for free and looooot of people are using it.
The one sample on the screanshots abowe is only one , but everytime Im trying to download anyting ,always the same message from Comodo.
Defence + can be set as You like -my as You see is untrusted -Comodo dosnt like this staff.

The question is - Comodo ist not sure about the Giveaway of the day -maybe the are using some redirection witch Comodo dosnt recognice .

Can You please just go to giveaway of the day and download whatever the offer today and check the way they works. As a wrote You Guys have the knowlege and You know how Comodo respond .

  • On the Giveawayofthe day You can find this!


This thread is for those that are concerned that an application or game from GOTD (giveaway of the day) may contain a virus, trojan or various forms of spyware.

The GOTD Team do scan the giveaways prior to making them available, using multiple tools, and take every precaution to ensure that giveaways are virus, spyware or malware free.

However, if you find such a problem please reply with:

  1. Which virus scanner you use (or spyware scanner such as Ad-aware, Spybot Search & Destroy).

  2. What the problem is, if your virus scanner calls it a trojan, a virus or spyware

  3. Any further information such as your operating system (XP, 2000, Vista, Windows, ME, 9X etc), any further information you found on the internet using various search engines such as Google or Yahoo.

Finally, please make sure your scanner signature/database is up to date and current.

Thanks to be there FlorinG :slight_smile: