Possible flawed auto-update. Am I vulnerable? [RESOLVED]

I allowed the automatic update today, to ver 5.10.xxxxxx.2253 of COMODO firewall from the previously up to date version. After rebooting, I got a geekbuddy error msg that core components were not properly installed and I need to reinstall. If I open the summary page of the program, the large shield is yellow and says that the program is initializing. After about 15 seconds the shield turns green and diagnostics tells me there are no problems. The systray icon is always clear, without any indication of a problem.

I again re-booted, figuring that this might be an anomaly due to the first time installation and registration of the new version. However, the same sequence noted above happened again.

Question: Is my PC more vulnerable in the early stages of a boot-up than it would be if this error message did not display temporarily? Associated question: Should I download the full executable of the new version, uninstall the old version, and install a “clean” new version? If I’m not more vulnerable, I’ll just ignore the temporary error message rather than go through the bother. However, if I am more vulnerable, I want to resolve this issue. Thanks.

In doubt, best solution is:
Make a backup of your setting. (More, manage my configuration)
Then you need only a few minutes to make a fresh installation. Just look in the settings to control them after you reloaded the config backup, and ACTIVATED(!) it.

For example, the icon animation for traffic is somehow enabled often.
But at least you dont have to remake your rules. Thats the most time consuming thing with reinstalls normally.

It seems something has gone wrong with the Geekbuddy files, do you know if you had Geekbuddy installed prior to updating?
Can you check add/remove software to see if there is an entry for Geekbuddy there?

Thank you to date for the replies. Yes, Geekbuddy was installed prior to the auto-update.

I will be certain to backup my configuration before if I decide to go with a re-installation and import it into the re-installed program. I agree, it seems to take weeks for the program (especially Defense+) to be trained to cease intruding frequently with a completely new configuration.

Perhaps a clean installation of the newest version would be the better part of valor because no-one seems sure if I am presently vulnerable to attack during the early stages of a boot-up given the problems with my current installation.

To follow-up, I did a complete uninstall of Geekbuddy and Comodo Firewall after saving my current firewall configuration. I did a clean re-install of both programs and after seeing that there were no error messages, I imported my saved configuration. An additional re-boot confirmed that this complete re-installation is working without the problems I noted in my original post. Thanks again to those who responded to my original post.

Good to hear it’s fixed now :-TU

Glad to hear it is fixed, but this seems a bit much. Why are some users having to reinstall the program from scratch after a program update?

Agree this should not happen, And I’m sure Comodo is looking in to these issues.