Possible Fix for Error 106 - Cannot update

I was trying to update my wife’s computer and was getting the error 106 0 Cannot Update message. After reading the forums, the general consensus is that the servers are busy. That may be the case sometimes, but for me and a bunch of other users it did not ring true.

What I found was that, being the security paranoid that I am, I have explicitly blocked the svchost.exe from connecting to the net. With Comodo Firewall using the IE API (which uses the svchost.exe service extensively) and services to connect to the update servers, this caused a problem.

What fixed the problem for me was to go to the Application Monitor and find all the svchost.exe entries and changed them to “Ask” instead of “Block”. I also changed the WGATray.exe to “Ask” from “Block” since, knowing Miscrosoft, they might block an IE connection if they can’t let their little authenticator run.

I then tried to update the Comodo Firewall and viola…success! Turns out the firewall was up to date. SIGH At least I learned something.

I hope this helps some people out there. I was very worried I might have to change firewalls (again) if I couldn;t get this working correctly. Luckily, I don’t have to do that now.

Thanks for this solution, prophet665, and welcome to the forum.

This certainly is a different approach based on past forum posts.

Busy server is what we (including myself) thought, but as per
** FAQs/Threads - Read Me First **:

Update Error 106/109/10x https://forums.comodo.com/index.php/topic,7592.0.html
, the common reason was due to a server connection problem.

Interesting. Quite a coincidence.

I always knew that blocking the svchost.exe service would come back to haunt me.

I just got to thinking, maybe there should be a list of services that CPF uses. This would let people know what really needs an outbound connection to the world and what doesn’t.

Good idea, prophet665. I don’t think this has been in any of the wishlists:

Thx a lot it really work cause of the svchost.exe (block) ! !


Thanks to prophet665 for this tip, I was having the same update problem, error 106, setting svchost.exe to ‘ask’ rather than the ‘block’ that it was set to in application monitor sorted this out for me.

I tried the suggestions mentioned, but I’m still getting the error 106. Does this problem prevent automatic updates ?

Well, if error 106 means busy server/connection issues on Comodo’s end, that means you can’t update at the moment. Period.

Please read the ** FAQs/Threads - Read Me First **:

[quote]Update Error 106/109/10x

Hello, I’m a new Comodo user, and eager to use a proper firewall. (My previous one didn’t let me do much. :frowning: ) But Comodo seems to give me ‘endless’ possibilities to choose from. (B)

Since I have now the option to choose who can have access to the internet I give it to no one I don’t know. So I have this svchost.exe also asking frequently permission. Why and what does it need it for? Should I allow it in general? Needless to say I had also the same error 106.

Sorry, English is not my first language.

Welcome, kiya!

svchost.exe is a system process that is used to:

Perform DNS queries and updates for your internet connection

Update & Maintain your IP address from DHCP servers

Perform Windows Updates

Update system time/clock

And other things as well. Generally, it is considered a good idea to let it have access. If it were to get hijacked by malware, you’d still be alerted because of Application Behavior Analysis (ABA).


I was still having this problem 5 minutes ago but only on one of my computer’s user accounts (all of them admin). I solved the problem by unselecting the “work offline” option in IE “file” menu.

Tnx for that tip, mbg, and welcome to the forums!


Hello everyone,

I’ve just installed the comondo and I experienced with this “error 106” issue.
The solution from the friend prophet665 seems to work, to a lot of users.
Can anybody inform me where I can find this Application Monitor;
Is it a comondo feature;

Thanx in advance

Welcome to the forums, trabakoulas.

The Application Monitor is part of Comodo Firewall Pro v2.4; it can be found in that version of the firewall by going to Security/Application Monitor.

In case you have Comodo Firewall Pro v3, the name has changed. What was known as Application Monitor in 2.4 is now Application Rules. This can be found in Firewall/Advanced/Network Security Policy/Application Rules.

Hope that helps,


Thanks for the solution to this problem…Really works now… (:CLP)
This firewall is the best…

I also have the “106” paraphernalia…and impossibility to connect to report a file, or whatever needs to connect to Comodo.

The turnabout is not so much svchost than IE itself.

I am not going to create a new polemic stating that IE is a security risk, although this forum precisely deals with security.

I am just saying that the first thing i do with every firewall is to deny any right to IE, but even if you call that a caprice, i find it very strange not being able to use the browser of my choice, and not of Comodo’s one.

Solution: Start IE, then try Updating Comodo.

If you have just installed Comodo and not yet used Internet Explorer (because your probably using another Internet browser) you will get “Error 106”. Once you start IE, Comodo will ask you to set privileges for the firewall. It turns out that Comodo accesses Internet “Updates” using IE as it’s portal. After setting Comodo’s firewall privileges for IE, you should have no trouble updating Comodo itself.

I recently installed Comodo Firewall v 2.4 and was going bonkers because of the Error 106 msg when updating. Prophet 665’s remedy has worked like a charm for me.
Thanks pal.

right on prof 665 did the trick :BNC :BNC :BNC :BNC :BNC