Possible Firefox CIS bug.

When I download a file and it’s malware, I get a warning window from CIS to clean the file. I click clean but in reality the file is still on the hard drive in the Temporary internet files folder. If I then close my browser and use CCleaner to clean, the second CCleaner goes to clean out the temp internet files folder CIS once again finds the same file it cleaned the first time. So when you hit clean the file is still there until you clean the folder. I just tested this in IE and comodo cleaned the file just fine ( even out of temp internet files), it seems to leave them only when using firefox. I’m not sure about other browsers but I know it does this action in Firefox.

Possible that it is cleaning the virtual copy? Is anything being sandboxed here?

(Hopefully you are not using ClickClean? There is another trace on this).

Best wishes


nope no sandbox and no clickclean.