possible false positive using spyware doctor & comodo IS


I have just done a spyware doctor full scan and comodo has quarantined several files that are in the working directory of spyware doctor scanning directory. as they are all temp. vbt files being picked up as Huer.PEbomb

hopefully it is a false positive but would just like to be sure, I have not been suffreing any symptoms of a virus.

but just wonder if anyone else has had this problem before I start to panic.:slight_smile:

any help would be appreiciated…


P.S spyware codtor is now saying I have 118 hidden files infected, status HIGH !!!

Hi Direct0r,

The reported false positive, “Heur.Pck.Pebomb”, belongs to Release V 3.8.
This heur False Positive was fixed in Software release CIS 3.9.

Note: The CIS v3.9 is still in Beta.

Chandra Mohan

ok so is that your way of telling me to upgrade to cis ver3.9 or are you warning me that ver3.9 is still in beta and may be unrealiable…

Im sorry but your answer is about as vauge as the false positive…

Spyware doctor is reporting the quarantined files in comodo as (hidden files) threat level High!!

Comodo is reporting the files in the temp working directory for spyware doctor as Heur.PEbomb not Heur.Pck.PEBOMB. are these diffrent or the same type of threat with a diffrent variant ? elaborate please

I appreciate your answer gmohan but you have not given me a resolution,. beta’s are beta for a reson IE ureliable not fully tested… Im not putting the trust of my system in the hands of a BETA… let your crash boxes/testing benches do that bit…

Is there another fix ? a patch to download ? exclusion list perhaps, put spyware doctors temp working directory in the exclusion list ?

any more detailed info would be handy…



For the time being you can put the Spyware Doctor temp folder to the exclusions.

thank you for your response