Possible False positive (cdrom.sys)? [Resolved]

Hi there!

Suddenly, at start up, today I got this result from BoCleaner:


To me is quite strange, because I did not browse any strange site. I have installed McAfee VirusScan Pro 11, Spyware Terminator (with real time and Clam AV enabled), Trojan Remover, SpyBot, Arovax Antispyware and Adware SE. All programs were updated, and no one detected this file as trojan. The HD as fully scanned, and nothing was found.


So, could this be a false positive?

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Looks very much like it as a search chowed the file is a microsoft one.

try updating BOC and see if that fixes the problem… i think it is a false-positive… if you look at the file’s properties, on your computer, you will probably see that it is a microsoft file, so it would be a false-positive…

I had exactly the same message yesterday, after the update. The same heading, and various system files. Unfortunately my husband believed it and removed the Ethernet adaptor and audio drivers from the system, had to reinstall the drivers to connect to the web. I had to switch BOC off, it persistently keeps showing me this dialog box and won’t give up until I click “No”. It’s really annoying, maybe it’s a kind of bug? ???
Edit: I updated BOC, so far so good, it stopped showing the message… We’ll see, but this was a bad thing - especially in case of inexperienced users, who did not know these were system files. Do not repeat Kaspersky’s mistakes, pleeeease (:SAD)

Well, it seems to be in fact a false alarm.

Thank you all for your help. (:WAV)

And thank you for bringing it to our attention!

As this should be resolved with the last update:

False Positives Fixed with latest update!

I’ll mark it resolved and lock it up. If you feel it needs reopened please feel free to IM a mod and we’ll open it back up.