possible extra security add-on

Hey all I have been testing for a few days a setup that seems to work great. What I am testing is CIS ( installed with everything) and Ad-Aware Free. It seems these two programs work just fine together, I have not had any instability and no slow downs on my pc at all. The only changes I made was that when installing Ad-aware I selected “trust this vendor” from the pop up and then I added that whole Ad-aware folder to the comodo antivirus exclusion list.

If anyone wants to try it out let me know how you like it. The free version of ad-aware works only on file execution ( or during manual file scanning) so it seems to not create problems with CIS.

just did a test on 75 pieces of new malware, comodo found 23 ( 31%) then I scanned with ad-aware and it found another 26, so with adware the detection went from 32% to 65% basically doubling it.

Ad-aware uses the vipre and ad-aware engine.

Ad-Aware installed badly last time I tried it. I installed it and it blue screened right near the end. I had to manually add ad aware to startup.
Then it started to cause problems with other programs starting up, such as GeSWall.
I have a bad experience with Ad-Aware.

do you have any other good AV combo?

are you talking to me?

I do :slight_smile:

I have tired other programs to compliment CIS and to date I have not found a free one that worked. Malwarebytes works if you buy it but there was nothing for free. I decided to try this version of Ad-aware just for the hell of it and it works great. FIY I really hate when something slows down my system but I have not noticed any problems yet. No instability or anything weird going on.

Prevx Sol free
SpyShelter free

Languy…Are you planning a video demonstrating this? I’ve heard differing opinions on the new Ad-Aware but this piques my interest.

don’t really see a point, i did it just for me to see how it works.

I guess that WAS my point. Demonstrating the ability & possible advantages of these two applications working together. I seem to remember Ad-Aware running at around 50K on my machine during the very short period of time I had it installed, the fact that the two running side by side had no negative effect on performance is interesting. I guess I figured there was no less a reason to make a video about this than any other video that’s been made. ;D