Possible distant spyware Тооl.TcpScan.55

Hello,I use Windows XP pro SP3 and got a problem-I run Dr.Web Live CD to check my system and found Тооl.TcpScan.55 located into Comodo’s quarantine folder.I tried to open that folder but it reports that i have no privileges to do it.I use my admin account.Think i could delete that folder with Dr.web Live CD.The PC work properly,when i use cmd command “netstat -ano” there are 3 listening ports.Should i be concerned about this .exe file?

the file is in quarantine which means comodo has neutralized it. It cannot do any harm. It cannot run and nothing can touch it. if you want to delete the file. open comodo interface and click the antivirus tab then click quarantined items and select the file and click delete.