Possible critical issue in CPF !? [RESOLVED]


I just installed the latest beta of CPF, first I was really pleased with the embedded changes (above all the way rules are created), so thanks a bunch for your hard work :slight_smile:

However, I quickly stumbled upon a possible critical issue, though to be confirmed.


  • using WXP SP2 Home with latest M$ updates,
  • having 3 accounts: 2 regular (LUA) for everyday’s work, and 1 for administrative stuff

Here is what happened:

  • I uninstalled CPF while logged in as admin

  • I rebooted

  • I installed CFP while logged in as admin

  • I played a while still as admin, in particular I configured application monitor, by refining rules created automatically by CPF based on my answers to its popups,

  • so far so good (way better from previous beta FMPOV, congrats!)

  • then I logged off, and logged in with my regular account,

  • when I dbl clicked on CPF system tray icon, I figured out that all the application rules were gone,

  • this was confirmed by CPF asking for the same apps for which rules were previously created,

  • suspecting a LUA issue, I logged off, and logged in as admin,

  • but my guess was wrong: under my admin account the app rules list was as empty,

  • I rebooted, but the issue was still here,

  • I even checked in the registry, and noticed that “HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SYSTEM\Software\Comodo\Personal Firewall\AppCtrl\Apps” was apparently properly populated though ignored by CPF

  • very puzzling indeed…

  • then I decided to uninstall and reinstall,

  • and until now, it seems to have fixed the issue, though I hope it won’t come back. Indeed, I followed the same path as above mentioned, and was able to see my app rules when logged in as LUA, and was even able to change them (ie. as in previous version, and as expected)

So, it sounds that something went wrong at one moment, and CPF was lost with its app rule…
Any clue of where it could come from?


You say you installed then started playing with it. Did you restart your computer as parts of the firewall may not have been fully loaded by Windows without a reboot and thus affecting the installation.


Hi mike,

Well, I guess so, don’t remmember exactly, but what I am sure of is that I followed the instructions of the installer, thus if I was requested to reboot, I did it…

Ok, in that case the installer would have asked you to reboot at this point. Do you have any software that detects changes / writes to the registry?

I’m not sure what may have caused this problem, but if it’s working fine after a reinstall you should be fine.


Yep, I do, but didn’t get any warning IIRC

Indeed, no other issue since then, so let’s forget it and hoping I did something wrong during 1st install

Thanks for your help Mike

Ok, great. Glad you don’t have this issue anymore.