Possible conflict with Windows XP Security Update [RESOLVED]

Last Tuesday MS released their latest batch of updates and I kept getting a buffer overrun when installing KB917422. Eventually had to phone MS to get it sorted.

This solved the problem (copied from a thread at Our-Local)

Just come off the phone from M$ support and it is fixed.

To make this useful for others this is what solved the problem

Start>Run>msconfig (System Configuration Utility)

On General uncheck the Process SYSTEM.INI file, Process WIN.INI file and Load Startup

On Services check Hide all Microsoft Services, then click Disable all.

As I had already downloaded the update I installed it from that successfully.

I don’t know if a Comodo product was the problem, but when the services for Comodo firewall and antivirus were stopped, installation of the update didn’t cause an error. I have attached some of the errors and alerts and a shot of the System Configuration Utility.

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This is not a conflict with Comodo as other users are having it with different products such as Norton. However are you using the Antivirus product or the Firewall? I ask this because this issue has only happened with the firewall installed, not the antivirus software. If you don’t use Comodo Personal Firewall then which firewall do you use?


Yes, some users have reported this. It seems to be caused by CPF, and some other firewalls (e.g. Norton) seem to be having issues as well. However, this is not an error with the programs themselves.

Glad your problems resolved, and hopefully this will help others.


The workaround for this issue is posted at https://forums.comodo.com/index.php/topic,1492.msg10595.html#msg10595 . Worked for me on my two Comodo protected systems (out of seven that had Norton and McAfee protection)

Thanks John. This will also be a great help.


I’m using both Comodo AV & FW. As two of the six non M$ services shown in the msconfig screenshot are Comodo I thought that it would be a good idea to flag it, but wasn’t sure where to.