possible conflict with Kaspersky AV

I am running Kaspersky AV version 5. At the moment I have it defined to disable protection against network attacks due to a conflict with the previous firewall program I had been using. Will restoring this protection cause any conflict with CPF or difficulty with KAV?

What does it have to do with a program that you used BEFORE?

You should know that two firewalls on one machine usually cause problems, if you still have another firewall installed, it’d be wise to remove it.

KAV and CPF should work together without any problems, as far as I am concerned.

The network protection in KAV coflicted with Zone Alarm. I disabled the network protection in KAV since anyway it was provided by ZA. Since then and for other reasons I removed ZA entirely and switched to CPF. KAV and CPF coexist satisfactorily. In my periodic review of the settings of all security software I noticed that network protection in KAV is still disabled.

I don’t imagine there is any reason to restore KAV’s network protection since CPF should be providing all the network protection I need, but I was just curious if anyone knows anything about it, and if there is any reason or need to restore this setting in KAV.

I attach a screen shot of the relevant KAV setting.

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Hi r2,

It is better to keep it disabled. That is absolutely unnecessary while you have CPF installed.